Radiology And Imaging Instrument

Canon Vintage Elan 1.5 Tesla MRI

Advanced Magnet System: Canon Medical Systems’ advanced magnet system, which generates a highly homogeneous static magnetic field and ensures a wide scanning range and stable image quality.

Advanced Shielded Gradient Coil: The performance of the gradient coil significantly affects image quality. The advanced shielded gradient coil replaces a traditional short coil and ensures stable image quality with all sequences.

RF technology: Canon Medical Systems’ unique technology receives MR signals from the human body, immediately amplifying and then transmitting them while suppressing noise.

Designed by the Technologist for Technologists: M-Power is an intuitive user interface built for all levels of users. It allows an efficient workflow and provides advanced post-processing software with ease of use in mind on the main console. Eliminating the need to purchase multiple 3rd party software for your advanced imaging needs.


  • Maximum Efficiency: M-Power™ maximizes operator efficiency with a streamlined workflow
  • Quieter Scans: Enhanced comfort and patient satisfaction from Pianissimo™Σ noise-reduction technology
  • Quality Imaging: Detailed diagnostic imaging
  • Accommodate More: 63 cm wide accommodates a variety of patient sizes
  • Improved Patient Line of Sight: Short bore decreases patient claustrophobia


Toshiba, Alexion Multislice CT Scan

Padma Diagnostic Centre Limited has introduced Alexion form Toshiba, a new 16-row multislice CT scanner incorporating high-end technology in a compact design. Alexion has been developed as the new entry-level multislice CT system for customers who need to perform a wide variety of routine clinical examinations.

Scan Navigation

Alexion offers unique navigation-mode operation that guides the operator through every step of the examination with state-of-the-art computer graphics and animation. In addition, newly developed intelligent filming functionality automatically compiles images in a pre-defined layout for fast and efficient workflow.

Fast Reconstruction

A newly developed reconstruction system supports a reconstruction speed of up to 15 images per second, allowing rapid diagnosis and fast patient through-put.

Low-dose Imaging Without Compromise

Toshiba’s Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction (AIDR) is included as a standard feature in Alexion. AIDR is an iterative reconstruction algorithm which can reduce the dose necessary for routine clinical examinations by up to 75% while producing images with excellent spatial resolution and outstanding low contrast resolution.

Maximum Application, Minimum Space

Many of the advanced applications originally developed for Toshiba’s premium-level CT systems have been made available for Alexion. Delivering powerful performance in a small space, Alexion has been designed with a footprint of just 10.4 m2.


Digital X-ray

Apelem Dms Platinum True Digital Radiography & Fluoroscopy X-Ray 

The Platinum technology includes independent movement of the X-ray tube and the detector block, a brushless motor with absolute encoders for fast and accurate positioning, as well as a generator fully integrated into the table’s control panel. The Platinum also integrates an innovative control system based on PC server technology that permits monitoring and automatic control of the table and the collimator.

Radiation-free positioning

Dynamic Flat panel detector

Chest exams with 180 cm SID

Minimum charging height: 48 cm

2nd generation Virtual collimation

Intelligent 3D anti-collision positioning

Real-time fluoroscopy: up to 30 frames per second

Real-time imaging by reducing radiation to up to 90%

Full patient coverage: 201 cm/+280 cm with 4-way movement of tabletop

Easy patient transfers up to 265 Kg without any movement limitations


Polycon 1600UC Motorized UC Arm True Digital X-ray

The Polycon 1600UC features a positioning control for all movements available on a 6″ color Touch Screen console and 12 key wireless control pad, enabling control of SID distance, height of swivel C-arm, and angulations of the swivel arm and detector. An intelligent anti-collision system works with 3 laser beams and pressure sensors located on the arm and skins of detector to avoid harm to the patient. This instrument has also Auto-Stitching feature which allows stitching multiple images in vertical direction. Polycon 1600UC immediately captures the image directly onto a flat panel detector without the use of a cassette which proves that this is a True Digital Radiography instrument which doesn’t need any CR (Computed Radiography).


Bone Mineral Density (BMD)

Stratos dR

Padma Diagnostic Centre has recently introduced the first 3D Bone Mineral Density (BMD) instrument in Bangladesh named as “Stratos dR” from DMS group, France. The Stratos dR makes the very best technology in bone assessment, the 2D Fan-Beam, available and accessible to all bone densitometry practitioners. Stratos dR is comprised with 3D-DXA technology. 3D-DXA is a breakthrough technology that takes routine BMD images and reconstructs a 3D image and reconstructs a 3D image of the femur. The method had been validated by comparing the results of reconstructed images with images taken with a CT scanner.

Technology & Performance:

Fast exam times: 30 seconds!

Excellent image quality

Complete solution: multi-site exams and whole body

DVA: Digital Vertebral Assessment – lateral image of the spine

Morphometric capabilities to define the fracture risk (ex: Hip Structural Analysis, Frax)

Multi-report provides the option of having up to 4 exams printed on one succinct page.

Automatic ROI (Region of Interest) selection

3D Image reconstructs through 3D-DXA technology

Fully DICOM compatible

3D-DXA Technology:

For the first time, bone health experts have access to information about bone structure that was never before possible using DXA images:

BMD (volumic BMD) trabecular, cortical and global (total femur, femoral neck, intertrochanteris, greater trochanter)

BMC: trabecular, cortical and global

Femoral Neck Axis Length in 3D

Femoral Neck Shaft Angle in 3D

Cortical thickness color mapping

Automatic mean cortical thickness


OPG (Dental X-Ray)

Dentsply Sirona

With Dentsply Sirona Imaging Solutions you trust in experience that has provided effective and safe solutions for more than 125 years. Our solutions provide unparalleled diagnostic image quality at the lowest reasonable dose while being intuitive and easy to use. They support workflows in all dental disciplines, integrating imaging systems and software to enable truly better, safer and faster procedures.



Mammography x-ray systems are specially designed to produce radiographic images of the breast. Alpha ST is assembled of unique mammography parts, customized to produce the best images, with the minimal possible amount of exposure to x-ray radiation. The main clinical applications of these systems are: breast cancer screening, staging and grading, and differential diagnosis in symptomatic patients.




Voluson E8 Expert 4D Ultrasonogram

GE Voluson E8 Expert 4D Ultrasound Scanner Machine is the most successful 4D ultrasound machine ever built. It delivers extraordinary vision in 2D / 3D & 4D volume ultrasound to provide quality patient care.


Resona 7 Premium ultrasound 4D system

New Waves in Ultrasound Innovation with Zone Intelligence

Since the company was founded, Mindray has been continuously exploring new ways to improve diagnostic confidence. Powered by the most revolutionary ZONE Sonography® Technology, Resona 7’s new ZST+ platform brings ultrasound image quality to a higher level by zone acquisition and channel data processing.

As well as the premium level image quality, Resona 7 also enhances clinical research capabilities with the revolutionary V Flow for vascular hemodynamic evaluation, and the most intelligent plane acquisition from 3D datasets for fetal CNS diagnosis. Combining the most intuitive gesture-based multi-touch operation and all the essential clinical features, Resona 7 is truly leading new waves in ultrasound innovation.


Mindray Resona I9

Innovation, in Every Facet

The Resona I9, a general imaging ultrasound system with completely innovative features from inside out. All innovations are developed based on in-depth insights into complex clinical scenarios, providing accurate and timely answers as well as outstanding efficiency and a remarkable user experience.

Unlimited Scanning Flexibility Beyond Imagination
iConsole - Intelligent Control Panel
• Intelligent and clinical exam-specific control panel layout with special E-ink keys
• Breakthrough design with adaptive layout for different clinical scenarios
Full-space Floating Control Panel
Can be adjusted for better space utilization, Easily meet various scanning needs
Infinite Imaging Solutions Powered by ZST +
The ZST platform is an extraordinary innovation, representing an ultrasound evolution. Transforming ultrasound metrics from conventional beam-forming to channel data based processing. It overcomes the traditional trade-off limitation among spatial resolution, temporal resolution and tissue uniformity, delivering exceptional image quality for infinite imaging solutions with non-stop improvements.
Resona I9 provides comprehensive clinical solutions for dedicated applications. Based on in-depth insights into different clinical scenarios, it delivers innovations that give users extreme clarity, outstanding intelligence and enhanced diagnostic confidence.