Laboratory Instruments

Sysmex XN-3000

In Bangladesh, Padma Diagnostic Centre Ltd. installed the 1st unit of Sysmex’s XN 3000. This is a benchtop unit that includes two co-primary hematology analytical modules and an integrated automated slide maker / Stainer. The XN-3000 allows Padma Diagnostic Centre Ltd. to provide advanced clinical parameters, including NRBCs with every CBC, Immature Granulocytes with every Diff, RET-He within the Reticulocyte profile and an all-new fluorescent platelet channel for Immature Platelet Fraction (IPF).


Stago STA Compact Max 3 Automated Coagulation Analyzer

The STA Compact Max 3 offers significant performance improvements and includes the EPC (Expert Pre-analytical Check) module.

This EPC module controls fill volumes of all types of tubes and detect hemolyzed, icteric and lipemic samples, allowing the STA Compact Max 3 to check sample integrity to ensure quality results. It requires no additional plasma volume and does not affect throughput.

In addition to automating sample integrity checks, the STA Compact Max® 3 makes optimum use of patient samples. Stago employs a unique, mechanical viscosity-based detection system in all its systems offering a reliable-result guarantee since measurements are not affected by optical interference, as well as optimum sensitivity for weak clot detection.


Sebia Capillarys 2 Flex Piercing Fully Automated Electrophoresis

The CAPILLARYS 2 Flex Piercing instrument utilizes proven capillary separation technology along with cap piercing capabilities to provide whole blood analysis for hemoglobinopathy and thalassemia detection and the new generation of HbA1c testing. Sebia’s capillary separation instrument provides complete walk-away automation from bar-coded primary sample tube to color coded results for easy interpretation.



The CAPILLARYS 3 OCTA is the most recent Sebia automated capillary electrophoresis system. The CAPILLARYS 3 OCTA has the great heritage of CAPILLARYS 2 FLEX-PIERCING, with countless enhancements. The CAPILLARYS 3 OCTA offers a broad assay menu in myeloma, diabetes, hemoglobinopathies and chronic alcohol abuse.


Serum Protein Electrophoresis (SPE)

Serum Immunotyping

Urine Protein Electrophoresis (UPE)

Urine Immunotyping

Hb A1c (venous blood & capillary blood)

Hemoglobin Electrophoresis (adult blood)


Sample types: whole blood, urine, serum


Beckman Coulter AU680

Padma Diagnostic Centre Ltd. uses another high-performance Laboratory Chemistry system analyzer called AU680 from Beckman Coulter. Based on in-depth customer consultation, the AU680 Chemistry System is intended to help medium to high throughput laboratories meet ever-increasing pressures on time and productivity. The AU680 Chemistry System offers a speed of up to 1200 tests per hour and an on-board capacity of up to 63 different tests in parallel.


Abbott Architect i1000sr and Abbott Architect i1000 Plus Automated Immunoassay System

The Architect i1000SR Immunoassay analyzer helps Padma Diagnostic Centre Ltd. to meet high Laboratory standards by delivering STAT results. The advanced technology and flexible protocols built into the Architect i1000SR enhance laboratory workflow and allow Padma Diagnostic Centre Ltd. to report results with confidence. The Architect i1000SR Immunoassay analyzer offers a speed of up to 100 tests per hour.


Dia Sorin Liaison XL

LIAISON® XL is a fully automated chemiluminescence analyzer, performing complete sample processing (sample pre-dilutions, sample and reagent dispensing, incubations, wash processes, etc.) as well as measurement and evaluation.

The innovative features of the system allow LIAISON® XL to improve efficiency in the immunoassay laboratories.

Fully automated solution

Quality of results

Flexible configuration

High efficiency


Automatic Immunoassay Analyzer MAGLUMI 2000 Plus

Up to 144 primary tubes. Continuous loading, STAT available. Barcode reader recognition or analyzer auto-numbered. LIS connection, auto read sample information. Refrigerated sample area with independent power supply Clot detection. Liquid level detection for reagent. The optional ratio for sample dilution. Auto dilution for high concentration sample.

Fully automated solution

Quality of results

Flexible configuration


Bioway BW 3000 and BW 901 Fully Automated Integrated Urine Analyzer

One-time complete urine dry chemical automatic detection and urine formed elements automatic microscopic examination, efficient, fast, no pollution; Comprehensive report of dry chemical analysis results, urine formed elements test results, scientific indicators, illustrated, provides full diagnostics means for clinical; High speed, up to 120-150 samples/hour. 


Spin Tissue Processor STP 120

For Tissue Infiltration

Myr Spin Tissue Processor STP 120 has been developed to meet the requirements of every single laboratory. The state-of-the-art technology and the unsurpassed processing method of the STP 120 qualify it as the most successful Spin Tissue Processors ever. With more than 3000 units installed around the world confirms its leading position.

A worldwide unique technique

Tissue processing is a technique that uses alcohols to remove water from tissues and replace it with a medium that allows the sectioning of tissue. Several methods are used to achieve this. Myr Spin Tissue Processor STP 120 fulfils it in a patented and unique technique that combines several movements for the tissue to achieve perfect infiltration results. This is possible thanks to the world’s best spin processing method. Tissue processing achieves by this method almost similar results to those obtained with vacuum systems!


pfm Rotary 3004 M

pfm medical’s high-performance rotary microtomes are suitable for all applications in routine use, research and industry. They incorporate the latest microtome technology featuring modern ergonomic design with ease of use. Their outstanding precision ensures consistently reliable results in daily use. Quality – Made in Germany Excellent section quality The robust object and knife/blade holders operating in combination with the horizontal and vertical cross-roller bearing system guarantee maximum stability. This unique technology and the quality of the materials used is reflected in the reliable and consistently high sectioning quality. Together with its ergonomic design, these features make pfm medical rotary microtomes ideal for situations with a high sample throughput.


SLEE Mainz Dispensing module MPS/P

The dispensing module MPS/P includes an integrated illumination of the working area, easily adjustable forces holders and a large paraffin container capacity of 5 liters, ensuring a concentrated and ergonomic embedding process. The paraffin dispensing system ensures a homogeneous flow rate of paraffin that can be individually adjusted.


SLEE Mainz Prewarming module MPS/W

The prewarming module MPS/W allows for a fast and efficient prewarming of cassettes and molds as preparation for the embedding process. The mold warmer with lid can be opened completely to ensure an ergonomic workflow throughout the embedding process. The cassette bath offers space for up to 150 standard cassettes. It is removable and easy to clean.


SLEE Mainz Cold plate MPS/C

The cold plate MPS/C allows for fast and efficient cooling of paraffin blocks after embedding and prior to sectioning. MPS/C is equipped with a state-of-the-art microprocessor that automatically regulates the temperatures of the cooled area. Working hours and working days are programmable allowing for an uninterrupted routine workflow.