Cardiac Imaging Instruments


Vivid™ E95 4D system

Imaging. Elevated. Better image quality. Faster volume rates with higher processing power. Smaller probes. With the Imaging. Elevated. release, cSound 2.0 facilitates a new level of image quality and 4D volume rates by expansion of the processing power and the development of new beamforming algorithms. As you navigate the increasing challenges of cardiovascular care, the Vivid™ E95 cardiovascular ultrasound system brings you the uncompromised imaging you need more than ever. From the beamformer to the image processor (GPU) to the probes, we’ve advanced key elements of the system to deliver a solution that’s Better. Faster. Smaller. 4D color imaging with the 4Vc-D probe – High volume rates with excellent spatial resolution in single beat acquisition as shown in this mitral valve regurgitation at 15 fps. Virtual Apex – Phased array probes provide a wide field of view for enhanced visualization of structures at the sides of the sector. TCI and ACE – Observe the spatial, temporal and contrast resolution in the 2D image obtained with this new 4Vc-D probe. Blood Speckle Imaging – Available for pediatrics as well as transesophageal echo (6VT-D only), BSI, which reduces the angle dependency and aliasing issues of conventional color flow, provides a graphical representation of the trajectories of the blood cells. Advancements enabled by cSound™ Our breakthrough software beamformer platform, cSound, continues to allow us to develop powerful new algorithms and innovations. Ultrasound. Elevated. brought you the features that took image quality to the next level. Then, Productivity. Elevated. release incorporated many new tools to help you quickly and easily obtain clear, detailed imaging. Now, further harnessing cSound’s ability to process data from every channel in the probe, the Vivid E95 is taking 4D image quality to new heights in support of exceptional patient care.1


GE Vivid 7

The Vivid 7 is a complete digital cardiovascular color doppler ultrasound system. From cardiac, to vascular and pediatric exams, Vivid 7 is versatile enough to share. Its innovative processing techniques and diverse application tools ensure excellent image and enhance diagnostic confidence throughout a broad range of studies.



GE T2100 ETT

The T-2100 treadmill’s extra-long, 60-inch surface provides an extra margin of safety for patients. Full front and side handrails are also standard on the T-2100 treadmill. With fewer moving parts than other treadmills, the T-2100 treadmill delivers an extremely smooth, quiet operation that facilitates accurate blood pressure measurements even at high workloads.



Nihon Khoden ECG- 1350K Cardiofax

Cardiofax M provides simultaneous 12 lead ECG acquisition up to 24 seconds and analysis with approximately 200 findings and 5 judgment categories. Cardiofax M meets IEC standard IEC60601-2-51 which approves high accuracy of signal processing (AC filtering), ECG measurement and ECG analysis. It provides patients with accurate ECG diagnosis.


Holter ECG

The Halter Monitor is a small battery-powered medical device that is placed in a patient's body for 24 hours. It monitors heart activity (rhythm and rhythm) 24 hours a day. In addition to the conventional ECG test, physicians recommend a 24-hour halter monitor to monitor the patient's heart activity. When the halter monitor is attached to the body, the patient will be able to perform all normal activities. However, you cannot run or jump so that the machine / electrode comes off the body.