Quality Control

Quality Control

Padma Diagnostic Centre Limited has a commitment to providing quality care, which we take very seriously. We place a high priority on keeping patients and families informed and involved in their healthcare decisions. As a healthcare consumer, you have a right to know about our Lab’s quality of care.

Our Commitment to Quality

Padma Diagnostic Centre Limited is dedicated to providing exceptional diagnostic services in a safe and caring environment. We are constantly raising the bar to deliver the highest quality medical services efficiently, effectively and with utmost sensitivity to your personal needs. We encourage excellence through continuous education, innovation, and meeting or exceeding industry standards.

Internal Quality Control

Providing results to the patients without confidence is not an option for Padma Diagnostic Centre Limited. To produce the highest quality report the importance of internal QC is indescribable. Everyday we run internal QC and it gives us the confidence on the report what we deliver to the hand of the patients is accurate. There are two types of internal QC. These are known as First party QC & Third party QC. According to ISO and WHO internal QC should be done daily with 3rd party QC. Currently at Padma Diagnostic Centre Limited we are using Third party internal QC from Randox Laboratories, United Kingdom.

External Quality Control

To maintain our quality we routinely perform Calibration test of all our instruments as well as external QC test in addition to internal QC. External quality assessment programs are accepted around the world as invaluable tools used by laboratories to assess the performance of their testing systems. Results are objectively compared to other laboratories using the same methodologies, instruments and reagents. When used in conjunction with daily quality control, these external programs can give laboratories added confidence in their patient test results.

Form 2008 – 2012 we were engaged in a routine Third party QC program called EQAS from Bio-Rad to maintain our accuracy compare to the thousands of laboratories around the world. BIO-RAD EQAS is well recognized program in world, like WHO. From 2013 we have start participating in another True Third party QC program called RIQAS (Randox International Quality Assessment Scheme) from Randox Laboratories, UK. RIQAS is one of the best True Third party control provider globally and recognized by ISO 13485:2003, UKAS, CE, FDA. Through RIQAS our Laboratory results are compared to more than 25000 labs world wide. Along with our vision we always have been serious about Quality Control and we will always strive to provide the best Laboratory results to our values patients.