We at Padma Diagnostic Centre Limited, have been providing quality healthcare for three decades. We are a vibrant organization, where people work together in an atmosphere of shared trust and accountability towards a common goal.

Our work culture, guided by our mission, built on our values and driven by astute leadership, is our constant source of strength in setting a new benchmark of excellence.

We are continuously seeking solutions to better patient care by improving our overall facilities of diagnostic management and at the same time ensuring control of the patient cost. We are a highly motivated and confident team of people, driven to provide quality care.

We display integrity at all times in our work by always following ethics and compliances. We are collectively committed to providing superior care, at the same time ensuring everyone’s professional freedom. You will have the opportunity to unleash your potential and create an impact in any area you work.

At PDCL, we believe in respecting every individual, regardless of position. You will be heard and will have the opportunity to express your opinion. You will have the freedom to interact with any of our leaders. In turn, your colleagues will expect you to be equally accessible and respectful.

At PDCL, you become part of one of a team that fosters collaboration and excellence, where your strength is appreciated and you are encouraged to do better, every day. So, come, join us, be a part of an organisation with an invigorating work culture!

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