About Us

We Are Your Trusted Friend

We are always grateful to Allah (S.W.T.) for guiding us in every way and allowing us to be where we are today.

Our message today begins with a simple “Thank You”- to the communities we serve, to our partners throughout the health care system, and to the staff, physicians, and volunteers who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to our patients and families every day, particularly throughout the extremely challenging years.

At PDCL, we celebrate its 35th Anniversary this year. As an organization, we have evolved immensely. Starting from three-room rented premises with some basic equipment we have grown to an advanced Centre serving hundreds of thousands of patients every year.

The passion and dedication of the PDCL team drive innovation in our organization and provide quality care with excellent outcomes. Always, our mission and vision at PDCL remain clear; to serve the ailing people of the society. After serving for these last 35 years, we still realize that quality is a continuous process and still there are lots to be done to improve further.

May Allah (S.W.T.) bless all of us.

Time Cycle:

1986: Start the journey in a short-range rented house with the machine Colorimeter, Hot water oven, X-Ray, ECG & Ultrasonogram.

1987: Olympus Gi Endoscopy machine and computer are integrated.

1988: Introducing the latest technology Elisa Reader at that time, which is the first in Bangladesh.

1991: Work began on own building.

1992: Installation of TV monitor system X-Ray machine and own water distillation plant.

1993: With the help of the Hospital Information System (HIS), billing and report preparation and introduction of the combined report started. Set up a server to store all patient information.

1994: Installation of a 316 K.V. powerful power backup generator which was one of the first among the private diagnostic centers at that time.

1995: Expensive at the time and the first addition of German ROCHE GmbH's Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer Hitachi 911 in Bangladesh.

1996: Placement Semi-Automated Immunochemistry ES300.

2000: This year the Chemiluminescent Technology, IMMULITE-One was incorporated and the countries only privately owned Automated Blood Cell separator system was launched.

2001: ETT machine, Sysmex Automated Blood Cell Counter, and Blood Coagulation are added.

2003: CR technology and a self-contained PCR lab are set up. COBAS AMPLICOR AUTOMATED PCR, this is also the first in this country.

2006: Olympus AU640, Biochemistry Analyzer is attached.

2007: In this year, DPC IMMULITE 2000, Automated Immuno Chemistry Analyzer is attached.

2008: Digital X-Ray Machine 1000 mA Shimadzu Corporation, Cell counter XT 2000i and own drinking water plant are established.

2009: Automated Histopathology, Digital OPG, Olympus AU680 Automated Biochemistry Analyzer was added in this year.

2010: This year saw the introduction of several service information technologies; GE Medical System’s High-Definition Open MRI, Multi Slice CT scan, VIVID-7 Pro, IMMULITE 2000XPi, Architect i1000SR, ETT machine, PACS server, etc.

2012: Sebia Capillary 2 Flex piercing. Electrophoresis machine.

2013: Hematology Analyzer XN-3000 launched which was first unit in Bangladesh.

2014: This year saw the introduction of several service information technologies; Apelem Platinum; 1000 mA low radiation; X-Ray machine was introduced which was the first unit of South Asia. GE Voluson E8 Ultrasound machine. Mindray DC8 Ultrasound. Spirometry Thor Tube which was also first unit in Bangladesh. MMS Flow master Uroflowmetry.

2015: This year also saw the introduction of several service information technologies; Apelem Stratos dR BMD machine. EEG machine Nihon Kohden 1200 J/K. Automated ESR Analyzer (Mechatronics; STARRSED) which was first unit in Bangladesh. CT Scan, Canon Alexion multi slice.

2017: DL Automated Blood Culture System. Mindray DC8 expert Echo-cardiogram machine and Resona 7 Ultrasound machine. Toshiba 1.5 Tesla Vantage Elan MRI machine.

2019: Diasorin Liaison XL Fully Automated machine.

2021: Vivid E95 with 4D probe from GE; Echo machine. Capillary 3 Octa introduced which is more advanced than Sebia Capillary 2 Flex piercing. 12 Channel 24 Hour Holter Monitoring -Nihon Kohden, Japan. Fibro Scan compact 530 with CAP from echosens with XL probe.