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Emergency Diagnostic Services without extra service charge

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We provide one stop service for patients for all their diagnostic and test needs

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Popular Packages

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Liver Checkup (Chronic Liver Diseases)

Unfortunately, Liver damage does not cause any explicit symptoms unless it progresses to a signific...

Price: 10300

Diabetis Checkup.jpg
General Diabetic Checkup

The modern lifestyle makes us all susceptible to diabetes. It is therefore, recommended to know the...

Price: 2300

PDCL-Package-Images (3).jpg
General Liver Checkup

The Liver is the largest internal organ in the body and plays a crucial role in the digestive syst...

Price: 4300

PDCL-Package-Images (4).jpg
Special Renal Health Checkup

The Special Renal Health Checkup includes tests necessary for a conclusive assessment of an individ...

Price: 8000


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