• Digital X-ray

    The Platinum technology includes: independent movement of the X-ray tube and the detector block, a brushless motor with absolute encoders for fast and accurate positioning, as well as a generator fully integrated into the table’s control panel. The Platinum also integrates an innovative control system based on PC server technology that permits monitoring and automatic control of the table and the collimator.

    • Radiation-free positioning
    • Dynamic Flat panel detector
    • Chest exams with 180 cm SID
    • Minimum charging height: 48 cm
    • 2nd generation Virtual collimation
    • Intelligent 3D anti-collision positioning
    • Real time fluoroscopy: up to 30 frames per second
    • Real time imaging by reducing radiation to up to 90%
    • Full patient coverage: 201 cm/+280 cm with 4 way movement of table top
    • Easy patient transfer up to 265 Kg without any movement limitations


    Polycon 1600UC Motorized UC Arm True Digital X-ray

    The Polycon 1600UC features a positioning control for all movements available on a 6″ color Touch Screen console and 12 key wireless control pad, enabling control of SID distance, height of swivel C-arm, and angulations of the swivel arm and detector. An intelligent anti-collision system works with 3 laser beams and pressure sensors located on the arm and skins of detector to avoid harm to the patient. This instrument has also Auto-Stitching feature which allows stitching multiple image in vertical direction. Polycon 1600UC immediately captures the image directly onto a flat panel detector without the use of a cassette which proves that this is a True Digital Radiography instrument which doesn’t need any CR (Computed Radiography).

    Polycon DM LB 50 Digital X-Ray

  • Bone Mineral Density (BMD)

    Stratos dR

    Padma Diagnostic Centre has recently introduced the first 3D Bone Mineral Density (BMD) instrument in Bangladesh named as “Stratos dR” from DMS group, France. The Stratos dR makes the very best technology in bone assessment, the 2D Fan-Beam, available and accessible to all bone densitometry practitioners. Stratos dR is comprised with 3D-DXA technology. 3D-DXA is a breakthrough technology that takes routine BMD images and reconstructs a 3D image and reconstructs a 3D image of the femur. The method had been validated by comparing the results of reconstructed images with images taken with a CT scanner.

    Technology & Performance:

    • Fast exam times: 30 seconds!
    • Excellent image quality
    • Complete solution: multi-site exams and whole body
    • DVA: Digital Vertebral Assessment – lateral image of the spine
    • Morphometric capabilities to define the fracture risk (ex: Hip Structural Analysis, Frax)
    • Multi-report provides the option of having up to 4 exams printed on one succinct page.
    • Automatic ROI (Region of Interest) selection
    • 3D Image reconstructs through 3D-DXA technology
    • Fully DICOM compatible

    3D-DXA Technology:

    For the first time, bone health experts have access to information about bone structure that was never before possible using DXA images:

    • vBMD (volumic BMD) trabecular, cortical and global (total femur, femoral neck, intertrochanteris, greater trochanter)
    • BMC: trabecular, cortical and global
    • Femoral Neck Axis Length in 3D
    • Femoral Neck Shaft Angle in 3D
    • Cortical thickness color mapping
    • Automatic mean cortical thickness



  • CT Scan

    Padma Diagnostic Centre Limited has introduced Alexion form Toshiba, a new 16-row multislice CT scanner incorporating high-end technology in a compact design. Alexion has been developed as the new entry-level multislice CT system for customers who need to perform a wide variety of routine clinical examinations.

    Scan Navigation

    Alexion offers unique navigation-mode operation that guides the operator through every step of the examination with state-of-the-art computer graphics and animation. In addition, newly developed intelligent filming functionality automatically compiles images in a pre-defined layout for fast and efficient workflow.

    Fast reconstruction

    A newly developed reconstruction system supports a reconstruction speed of up to 15 images per second, allowing rapid diagnosis and fast patient through-put.

    Low-dose Imaging Without Compromise

    Toshiba’s Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction (AIDR) is included as a standard feature in Alexion. AIDR is an iterative reconstruction algorithm which can reduce the dose necessary for routine clinical examinations by up to 75% while producing images with excellent spatial resolution and outstanding low contrast resolution.

    Maximum Application, Minimum Space

    Many of the advanced applications originally developed for Toshiba’s premium-level CT systems have been made available for Alexion. Delivering powerful performance in a small space, Alexion has been designed with a footprint of just 10.4 m2.


  • Mammography

    Mammography x-ray systems are specially designed to produce radiographic images of the breast. Alpha ST is assembled of unique mammography parts, customized to produce the best images, with the minimal possible amount of exposure to x-ray radiation. The main clinical applications of these systems are: breast cancer screening, staging and grading, and differential diagnosis in symptomatic patients.

    Instrumentarium Alpha ST

  • MRI

    The GE Signa Profile Open MRI scanner is a very patient-friendly design, and great image quality. The GE Signa Profile Open MRI features GE’s EXCITE technology that offers greater clinical flexibility and productivity. It also features a high homogeneity magnet, a complete range of advanced imaging coils, and software-controlled digital eddy-current compensation. GE Signa Profile Open MRI Features Open, patient-friendly design High homogeneity easy sitting with single cabinet configuration Real-time Interactive Ready Open design head coil with mirror Full range of coils and clinical applications EXCITE technology.

    The GE Signa Profile Open MRI

  • OPG (Dental X-ray)

    Orthopantomograph OP200 dental X-ray is a proven leader in panoramic imaging. Orthopantomograph OP200 correct patient positioning is assured by three positioning laser lights. Frankfurt and midsagittal lights aid finding the correct angulation of the patient’s head and the occlusion correction light ensures proper anterior positioning. Nevertheless, OP200 has a method for dose-controlled Automatic Exposure Control which measures patient bone thickness from the ramus and defines individual exposure values for patients with different sizes. This also enables individual Automatic Spine Compensation values to reduce spinal shadow in the image for each patient.

    Instrumentarium OP 200

  • Ultrasonogram

    GE Voluson 730 4D Ultrasound Scanner Machine is the most successful 4D ultrasound machine ever built. It delivers extraordinary vision in 2D / 3D & 4D volume ultrasound to provide quality patient care.

    Voluson 730 Ultrasonogram


    Mindray’s top-of-the-range ultrasound system, DC-8 integrates the best of technology, quality and ergonomics, providing you with a unique scanning experience. Be it a fetal biometry analysis, an ovarian mass examination or showing parents the first image of their child, the DC-8 has it all. With a crystal clear image quality, comprehensive analysis package and a highly user-friendly interface, the DC-8 is your standalone solution for OB/GYN imaging.

    DC-8-Mindray Ultrasonogram