• Electrotherapy (TENS, MST,IST), Ultrasound Therapy, Laser Therapy

    COMBI 400

    Combi 400 is a combined device with electrotherapy, ultrasound and laser therapy. Combi 400 is integrated with next generation Guided Therapy System (GTS2). This device is also integrated with the medical E-book. There are supporting medical images and descriptive texts to explain conditions and treatments to patients. As a result the physiotherapists and the patients benefit significantly from this valuable resource, which can be accessed immediately at any time.
    Manufacturer: Gymna
    Country of Origin: Belgium

    Gymna COMBI 400 (Belgium) small

  • Shortwave Therapy

    Thermo 500

    Thermo 500 is a pulsed shortwave therapy instrument. The powerful Thermo 500 transmits a pulsed, high frequency electrotherapy signal, with a maximum of no less than 70 Watts (1 channel) or 40 Watts per electrode (2 channels). Pulsed Short-wave therapy is applied specifically in an athermal way for acute conditions, inflammations, post-traumatic and post surgical injuries. By setting high pulse repetition frequencies and long pulses you will obtain an excellent thermal effect for the treatment of chronic conditions. Equipped with an intelligent control system (ICS) that monitors the energy to the patient immediately, the Thermo 500 increases the efficiency of the treatment.
    Manufacturer: Gymna
    Country of Origin: Belgium

    Gymna Thermo 500 (Belgium) small

  • Ultrasound Therapy

    Phyction U

    The Phyaction U is a team of full, effective ultrasound easy to use and with a unique design. Despite the large number of configurable options, the Phyaction U is very simple to use. All parameters can be read on the backlit during treatment. The Phyaction U Helps on the location of the ultrasound horn in the treatment area. In Phyaction U Insufficient contact ultrasound is indicated by an audible and visual signal, while the time counter stops. It will be displayed on screen and in the head. As a result the physiotherapists can take appropriate action to serve the patients better.
    Manufacturer: Gymna
    Country of Origin: Belgium

    Gymna Phyction U (Belgium) small

  • Treatment Coach

    Quadroflex Advance

    Quadroflex is a 4-section couch with adjustable head-, back-, sitting-, and leg section. With hinges beneath the patient’s knee, hip and shoulder joints, the Quadroflex provides ideal support. This anatomically based split makes almost every position possible. Ideal in case of moving the patient’s from lying to sitting position. A total of 3 motors control height, back rest and sitting position. Therefore, the patient does not have to rotate his/her feet on the head section to take a sitting position which raises comfort and hygiene too.
    Manufacturer: Gymna
    Country of Origin: Belgium

    Gymna Quadroflex (Belgium) small

  • Infrared Radiation

    IRG 250W

    Carefully designed, the new 250W IRG lamp has been optimized in order to meet most physiotherapist’s requirements, wishing to work with a simple and yet efficient infrared lamp. With a higher resistance against impacts improved by the new 8/10e steel reflector and the fixed handle which guarantees optimal maneuverability, the I RG infrared lamp has been conceived in order to last.
    Manufacturer: Verre et Quartz
    Country of Origin: France

    IRG 250W (France) small

  • Continuous Passive Motion for Upper and Lower Body Trainer

    Thera Trainer TIGO 510

    Thera Trainer TIGO 510 is a professional multi-purpose exerciser for legs and upper body. The TIGO 510 model is the perfect leg and upper body exerciser for use in any Physiotherapy setting for many differing conditions. THERA- Trainer Tigo 510 includes foot rests with steeples radius adjustment, leg support, foot- fixings, device base with castors, tip- up protection, and upper body exerciser with long cranks, grip adapters, therapy grips, wristband for therapy grips / safety handle, control and display unit with 10.4″ colour screen including touch-functions.
    Manufacturer: Thera
    Country of Origin: Germany

    Thera Trainer TIGO 510 (Germany) small

  • Balance Trainer

    Thera Trainer BALO 536

    The THERA-Trainer balo is a unique device that combines the function of bar table and balance trainer in one unit. , the THERA-Trainer balo offers the opportunity to improve to balance training and increases stability in hips and upper body, muscle tone decreases, circulation and breathing. Few indications: paraplegia, quadriplegia, multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s disease, stroke, geriatrics.
    Manufacturer: Thera
    Country of Origin: Germany

    Thera Trainer BALO 536 (Germany) small

  • Wax Bath

    PT 18-S

    Whitehall MFG. PT-18-S Stationary Paraffin Tank – includes 8.16 kg of wax with premixed paraffin oil. PT-18-S Stationary Paraffin Tank provides a simple, effective method of applying heat to the surface of body extremities where conditions indicate a need for increased circulation.
    Manufacturer: Whitehall MFG.
    Country of Origin: USA

    PT 18-S (USA) small

  • Digital Traction Therapy

    ET-800 EVER-TRAC

    ET-800 is a continuous and intermittent traction system, which uses the latest technology combined with extremely simple operation and functional design. This instrument comes with Everyway Traction Couch which is designed to offer the therapist multiple choices of traction therapy. The four piece top offers friction free movement for precise lumbar traction therapy. Cervical traction can be achieved in both lying and sitting positions. The cervical in sitting attachments, flexion stool are all supplied as standards.
    Manufacturer: Ever-Trac
    Country of Origin: Taiwan

    ET-800 (Taiwan) small