• Clinical Haematology & Haemato Oncology

    Sysmex XN-3000

    In Bangladesh Padma Diagnostic Centre Ltd. installed the 1st unit of Sysmex’s XN 3000. This is a bench top unit that includes two co-primary hematology analytical modules and an integrated automated slidemaker / stainer. The XN-3000 allows Padma Diagnostic Centre Ltd. to provide advanced clinical parameters, including NRBCs with every CBC, Immature Granulocytes with every Diff, RET-He within the Reticulocyte profile and an all-new fluorescent platelet channel for Immature Platelet Fraction (IPF).


    Sysmex XE-5000

    The XE-5000 is one of the best fully automated hematology analyzer from Sysmex, Japan. The XE-5000 incorporates advanced functionality for the measurement of immature cells, together with enabling the measurement of body fluids to extremely low concentrations of blood cells.

    Sysmex XE-5000

    Sysmex CA 550 Automated Coagulation Analyzer

    CA 550 is a highly functional fully automated blood coagulation analyzer obtains clotting times by detection. This instrument has number of functions including preferential processing of STAT samples and a built-in quality control function. Moreover, it allows analyzed data to be displayed and printed out together with reaction curves, thus making it possible to obtain highly reliable analysis results at Padma Diagnostic Centre Ltd.

    Sysmex CA 550

    Sebia Capillarys 2 Flex Piercing Fully Automated Electrophoresis

    The CAPILLARYS 2 Flex Piercing instrument utilizes proven capillary separation technology along with cap piercing capabilities to provide whole blood analysis for hemoglobinopathy and thalassemia detection and the new generation of HbA1c testing. Sebia’s capillary separation instrument provides complete walk-away automation from bar-coded primary sample tube to color coded results for easy interpretation.


  • Clinical Pathology

    Sysmex UX-2000 Fully Automated Integrated Urine Analyser

    The world’s first fully automated integrated analyzer, UX-2000 integrates a urine chemistry unit and a fluorescence flow cytometry unit into one space-saving platform. This “Gold standard” technology provides incredible sensitivity and specificity. In 2012 Padma Diagnostic Centre Ltd. installed the 1st unit in whole South East Asia. UX-2000 helps Padma Diagnostic Centre Ltd. to provide useful clinical information aids in diagnosis of kidney diseases and urinary tract infection as well as early detection of diabetic nephropathy by sensitive micro albumin parameter.

    Sysmex UX-2000

  • Clinical Biochemistry & Immunochemistry

    Roche | Hitachi cobas® 6000 Analyzer

    The cobas 6000 analyzer series offers new dimensions in increased efficiency, quality of results, maximum up time and optimized workflow:

    Intelligent sample workflow

    • Up to 340 immunoassay tests per hour and up to 2,000 clinical chemistry tests per hour depending on configurations
    • Combines STAT and routine testing without disruption

    Unique reagent concept 

    • No preparation or mixing required
    • Economic usage with high stabilities and convenient kit sizes

    First class performance

    • State-of-the-art immunoassay testing using ElectroChemiLuminescence (ECL) technology
    • Sample and result integrity deliver high quality results (e.g. test-specific serum indices, disposable immunoassay tips and cups, and clot detection)

    Professional management of lab processes:

    • Wide range of complete pre and post-analytical solutions from small Task Target Automated to Total Lab Automation

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    Beckman Coulter AU680

    Padma Diagnostic Centre Ltd. uses another high-performance Laboratory Chemistry system analyzer called AU680 from Beckman Coulter. Based on in-depth customer consultation, the AU680 Chemistry System is intended to help medium to high throughput laboratories meet ever increasing pressures on time and productivity. The AU680 Chemistry System offers a speed of up to 1200 tests per hour and an on-board capacity of up to 63 different tests in parallel.

    Beckman Coulter AU680

  • Clinical Immunology & Serology

    Abbott Architect i1000sr Automated Immunoassay System

    The Architect i1000SR Immunoassay analyzer helps Padma Diagnostic Centre Ltd. to meet high Laboratory standards by delivering STAT results. The advanced technology and flexible protocols built into the Architect i1000SR enhance laboratory workflow and allow Padma Diagnostic Centre Ltd. to report results with confidence. The Architect i1000SR Immunoassay analyzer offers a speed of up to 100 tests per hour.

     Abbott Architect i1000SR

    Dia Sorin Liaison

    The LIAISON analyzer combines a flexible operating module with a broad assay menu and leads to high efficiency due to its long walk-away time. A throughput of up to 180 determinations per hour allows LIAISON® to cope easily with a very high volume of samples. On the other hand, LIAISON analyzer also increased the efficiency of Padma Diagnostic Centre Ltd. as this instrument offers continuous loading of sample to process the workload in random access or batch mode.

    Dia Sorin Liaison



  • Histopathology

    SLEE Mainz MTP

    The tissue processor program meets all the requirements of today’s histo-pathology, covering safety of the specimen, fast processing, flexibility, environmental protection and economy. The MTP carousel tissue processor guarantees gentle and highly reliable specimen processing in conjunction with state of the art control features.

    SLEE Mainz MTP

    SLEE Mainz Rotary Microtome CUT 5062

    Padma Diagnostic Centre Ltd. uses a semi-automatic precision microtome also from SLEE Mainz which is known as Rotary Microtome CUT 5062. This is a standard unit for paraffin sections and research, plastic- and industrial applications. The semiautomatic unit offers additional advantages against our manual microtome whilst retaining all essential features of this series. The modular design allows custom-made assemblies from a broad range of accessories.

    SLEE Mainz Rotary Microtome CUT 5062

    SLEE Mainz Dispensing module MPS/P

    The dispensing module MPS/P includes an integrated illumination of the working area, easily adjustable forces holders and a large paraffin container capacity of 5 litres, ensuring a concentrated and ergonomic embedding process. The paraffin dispensing system ensures a homogeneous flow rate of paraffin that can be individually adjusted.

    SLEE Mainz Dispensing module MPSP

    SLEE Mainz Prewarming module MPS/W

    The prewarming module MPS/W allows for a fast and efficient prewarming of cassettes and molds as preparation for the embedding process. The mold warmer with lid can be opened completely to ensure an ergonomic work flow throughout the embedding process. The cassette bath offers space for up to 150 standard cassettes. It is removable and easy to clean.

    SLEE Mainz Prewarming module MPSW

    SLEE Mainz Cold plate MPS/C

    The cold plate MPS/C allows for a fast and efficient cooling of paraffin blocks after embedding and prior to sectioning. MPS/C is equipped with a state of the art microprocessor that automatically regulates the temperatures of the cooled area. Working hours and working days are programmable allowing for an uninterrupted routine work flow.

    SLEE Mainz Cold plate MPSC