Introducing New Toshiba, Alexion Multislice CT Scan

    Padma Diagnostic Centre Limited has recently introduce the brand new 16 Slice CT Scan Machine Called Alexion from Toshiba, Japan. Alexion has been developed as the new entry-level multislice CT system for customers who need to perform a wide variety of routine clinical examinations.

    Efficient workflow

    Alexion is designed with the latest in hardware, software and reconstruction technology to keep pace with a busy work load.

    • Navigation mode
    • Fast reconstruction


    State-of-the-art dose reduction

    Reducing the radiation dose to patients is a primary focus for Toshiba which is why Alexion incorporates the very latest dose reduction technology in the standard configuration.

    • AIDR 3D (Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction 3D)
    • SUREExposure 3D
    • Boost3D™


    Clinical Applications, Easy Installation

    Many of the advanced applications originally developed for Toshiba’s premium-level CT systems can also be enjoyed on Alexion.

    • Lung volume analysis
    • Colon view


    For more information about machine please click here