Introducing New Physiotherapy Department on 25th September 2014

    By the grace of almighty Padma Diagnostic Centre Limited is proud to announce that on 25th September 2014 Physiotherapy Department will be Launched. Padma Diagnostic Centre Limited is a value driven organisation which priorities the value of the patients. Padma Diagnostic Centre Limited has always tried to
    update the healthcare facilities with state of the art instruments. The following treatments will be available to the patients:

    • Electrotherapy (TENS, MST,IST)
    • Ultrasound Therapy
    • Laser Therapy
    • Shortwave Therapy
    • Treatment Coach
    • Infrared Radiation
    • Continuous Passive Motion for Upper and Lower body Trainer
    • Balance Trainer
    • Wax Bath
    • Digital Traction Therapy

    To know more about the Physiotherapy Instruments click here.